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[GITLAB] How solve *buffer overflow detected* terminated xargs: tail: terminated by signal 6 in Docker

Days ago I had upgrading Gitlab in a Docker container from version 13.0.5 to version 15.0.0. After upgrade until version 14.0.1 I start to get some error messages like buffer overflow detected terminated xargs: tail: terminated by signal 6 on logs. Evens with this errors the gitlab instanse keep working but was really noise. Here the

Configurar el layout ABNT2 del teclado Logitech MK345 en Linux

Uno de los problemas habituales con los que nos topamos a la hora de configurar Debian o alguna distribución GNU/Linux, es el como configurar el layout en el idioma del teclado. En mi caso particular adquirí un kit  Logitech MK345 que viene con teclado y mouse con distribución en español usando el estándar ABNT2. Este

[Clojure] Installing Leiningen in GNU/Linux or Windows systems

  In the previous article about Clojure we were learning what Clojure is and its basic operations. On this occasion we are going to show the Leiningen installation process, which can be considered the the easiest way to use Clojure as is mentioned on their official site. Alternative popular build toolchains are Boot and deps

Experience with Dell Inspiron 5575 Ryzen 5 and Debian Buster GNU/Linux

Days ago I had to install Debian Buster (10) on a Dell Inspiron 5575 Ryzen 5 laptop which originally comes with Windows 10 Home. After finding some mistakes, I will narrate the solutions I found along the way. Basic parameters as purchased: AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Vega 8 graphics 15.6” – 1920×1080 1Tb HDD

Resize EXT Partition on Hetzner Servers

    Last month I had to increase the size of a Storage in a Hetzner Cloud Server. The routine is simple and really fast. Hetzner Cloud offers a fast, flexible, and cost-effective SSD based Block Storage which can be attach to your Hetzner Cloud Server. At this point in time its available in the