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[GITLAB] How solve *buffer overflow detected* terminated xargs: tail: terminated by signal 6 in Docker

Days ago I had upgrading Gitlab in a Docker container from version 13.0.5 to version 15.0.0. After upgrade until version 14.0.1 I start to get some error messages like buffer overflow detected terminated xargs: tail: terminated by signal 6 on logs. Evens with this errors the gitlab instanse keep working but was really noise.

Here the errors:

==> /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-rails/api_json.log.1-2022080300.backup <==
==> /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-rails/production_json.log.1-2022080300.backup <==
*** buffer overflow detected ***: terminated
xargs: tail: terminated by signal 6

I successively upgrade to 14.0.4 and at this point Gitlab crash. In all the process I wait until the end of all migrations, but evens doing all correctly step by step the error still persisted.

After trying some changes on the configuration of the docker-compose file and trying to force Gitlab to start with the command

gitlab-ctl reconfigure

Finally the solution I found and it worked for me were the following steps:

1.- Make a backup of your volume folder (adapt the path)

cp -r -p /mnt/docker-volume/gitlab/ /mnt/docker-volume/gitlab.backup/

2.- Remove all the logs from the Gitlab container (In case you needed, dont forget step 1)

docker exec -it gitlab rm -r /var/log/gitlab/*


rm -r /mnt/docker-volume/gitlab/logs/*

Attention: Be sure the path is correct in your server

3.- Restart the Gitlab container


docker restart gitlab-ce-web

Docker Compose

docker-compose up -d

Attention: In the case of docker-compose dont forget do it in the correct directory

And thats it…

For me works. Hope this helps you

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