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[Clojure] Usted conoce Clojure y la programacion funcional?

Unas semanas atrás retome después de muchos años el estudio de Clojure. Tiempos atrás un amigo me presento este lenguaje con un paradigma muy diferente a lo que yo conocía programando en C++, PHP y Python. En ese momento para mi fue complejo y frustrante entenderlo, en especial por la poca documentación a la que

[Clojure] Installing Leiningen in GNU/Linux or Windows systems

  In the previous article about Clojure we were learning what Clojure is and its basic operations. On this occasion we are going to show the Leiningen installation process, which can be considered the the easiest way to use Clojure as is mentioned on their official site. Alternative popular build toolchains are Boot and deps

[Clojure] Do you know Clojure and functional programming?

After many years I returned to study Clojure, a few weeks ago. Some time ago a friend introduced me to this language with a very different paradigm than what I knew by working with imperative, object-oriented programming in C++, PHP and Python. At that time it was complex and frustrating for me to understand it,