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Using webhooks for automatic deployment

In the last year every time I have dabbled more and more in the devops culture, to be more exact in the ops area(operations). Taking the first steps with Docker until reaching the use of orchestrators such as Kubernetes or Rancher, every day I discover new tools and procedures to carry out routine tasks. In

Experience with Dell Inspiron 5575 Ryzen 5 and Debian Buster GNU/Linux

Days ago I had to install Debian Buster (10) on a Dell Inspiron 5575 Ryzen 5 laptop which originally comes with Windows 10 Home. After finding some mistakes, I will narrate the solutions I found along the way. Basic parameters as purchased: AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Vega 8 graphics 15.6” – 1920×1080 1Tb HDD

Resize EXT Partition on Hetzner Servers

    Last month I had to increase the size of a Storage in a Hetzner Cloud Server. The routine is simple and really fast. Hetzner Cloud offers a fast, flexible, and cost-effective SSD based Block Storage which can be attach to your Hetzner Cloud Server. At this point in time its available in the

Receiving email alerts when an SSH login is detected

  For some time I was wondering how to know if someone else was accessing to my servers remotely and if this happened, I also knew when it happened. I know there are several tools for intrusion detection and monitoring, but I always thought it was too much work for a simple task. Also those

Hello World

I am a cuban determined to know the world, currently in South American region, trying to learn a little more about the history and way of life in the region. A long time ago I planned to write about my personal experiences and also share the knowledge that I have accumulated in the field of

[Tip del día] Compartiendo buzones en Zimbra 8.7.11

Meses atrás debatía con un amigo sobre fortalezas y debilidades entre Microsoft Exchange y Zimbra Community Version. Específicamente hablábamos acerca de la posibilidad de que un usuario por una necesidad particular necesitara compartir su buzón de correo con otro usuario para que, por ejemplo durante su ausencia, pudiera visualizar sus correos entrantes. Hoy curioseando un